Saturday, December 31, 2011

Life is hard at the moment in this unfamiliar place with the school that I really dont like and depressing subjects that Im given to teach. I had a dream asking God why my life had turned upset. He answered that I picked my own choice. He is true.

Monday, December 05, 2011

I have been too proud and self pitied for the past months because I think my life was suck living together with my parents in law right after wedding and my husband was leaving myself to cope with a lot of uncertainties of the future in that home.

My parents in law have been too well to me yet there're times I felt suffocated and prayed hard enough for God to free me to that place (JB) which it has been expected to be far worse. I did not care.

When I got my transfer letter, I was on top of the world! I left finally. But the happy days far from home to be near my husband did not last. I greatly missed all the conveniences at home!

My mil called several times a day at first and I thought she was over-protecting. Later she told that the house has been so quiet and she wasn't get used of the loneliness. Her confession made me so miserable. I was really bad.

4 weeks later, I have chance to come back home again (for packing) to move out real. My feeling was so different now. Home is the best.

I was moved to tears when they welcomed me with cheerful wave at the airport, warm dinner readied (with my fav fish), they moped, changed bedsheet and curtains in the room (they never done those before the maid left).

I regretted I have taken their love for granted.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Life Junction

Exactly 4 years plus 1 week ago, it was like striking Supreme Toto after having sleepless nights. Never ever came to mind that I would be sent to Sacred Heart school among 24 schools in Sibu. God is so great to fulfill my first posting wish that 100% came true.

Could it happen again? I hate this feeling.
I heard transfer result will be out in 24 hours and 15 minutes later. If I get it, Where? Which town? School? If dont get it, what's next move? I have to wait another year to apply again. But I cannot wait to move out from here ...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My married friends often share how much they miss their mom's home dishes. Every time when they go home (nian-jia), their moms would cook a table of their favourites.

For me now, my home is where I try making out my new recipes weekly. And my special mom is always so supportive. She loves whatever I bake, steam or cook. She would finish up the failures that I made.

This morning I told mom: Now, I will show you how to make pumpkin cake. Watch carefully and learn. Make sure you make this for your mil too.
As usual, mom would reply : Ah, easy job lah, Mix all the ingredients and it will always nice! (Dad laughed at her because he agreed that she didnt make any.)

Ta laaaaa,..... my pumpkin cake with onion, mushroom, meat and dried prawn turned out to be awesome!

My mil has a very demanding taste buds. She never compliment any food I made before, therefore I dont dare to ask how's it. The most I would ask: Can it be eaten, and usually she just nod. The best she liked is the Guo Dong (Jelly with fruits).

Today should be a day inside my history book :p
Without inviting her, she tried my pumpkin cake when I was not around. When I reached home, she told me it was VERY VERY GOOD. =D

Monday, September 05, 2011

I was trying to bake a pandan layer cake because it's both fathers' favourite but not really successful. The artificial pandan juice taste weird.